SC042285 Education, Training, Neutering and Rehoming

Staffordshire Rescue Scotland

SC042285 Education, Training, Neutering and Rehoming

Our Patron

We would like introduce our Patron, Harvey Carruthers BVMS, MBA, CertGP(SAM), MRCV.

Harvey Carruthers is a qualified veterinary surgeon with over 20 years of experience working with pets, horses and working dogs.  His background includes assisting the military with their dogs.

His specific interest is to help people enjoy owning their pets by promoting the best preventative and medical care possible.

Harvey has been looking after Mickey, one of our rehomed dogs.

Harvey is a huge supporter of staffies, rescue dogs and in particular Staffordshire Rescue Scotland.  He recently hosted a First Aid for Dogs evening in aid of the rescue.  Harvey is also an author.  He published a book called The Gundog Veterinary Bible which is full of very helpful information and straightforward advice to highlight what should be done in emergencies and how to go about it.  A must for every dog owner.

We would like to say a very big thank you to Harvey for all his help and support. 

Understanding the plight and myth busting by Colin Gray (13/02/14)

An enlightening and also worrying study carried out by Colin Gray (Rescue Scottish Pets).

Click here to read - Link

Staffordshire Rescue Scotland are very proud to announce we are members of The Dog Welfare Alliance -

Staffordshire Rescue Scotland are proud to be associate members of The Association of Dog and Cat homes.

Staffordshire Rescue Scotland are pleased to say we are members of The Dog Rescue Federation.


Staffordshire Bull Terriers and SBT crosses are being overbred meaning that every year thousands of them are left without homes, ending up in Council Pounds or Rescue centres and some suffering an even worse fate: being 'put to sleep' simply because they have nowhere to go.

Neuter and microchip your staffies and offer homes to rescue dogs.  The result of irresponsible breeding is that young healthy dogs that have outgrown their puppy cuteness are abandoned and left waiting to die alone.

"Eighteen stray dogs put to sleep per day, every 80 minutes a dog is put to sleep"

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